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The Client

The State Agency for Tourism Development of Ukraine (SATD) is the central body of the executive power that implements the state policy in the field of tourism and resorts of Ukraine.

The Challenge

SATD is holding the Register of Categorization – a resource that collects all the data of subjects of tourist activity. The Register should be implemented on the AWS. So, the architecture for the Register should be created on the AWS cloud.

The Solution

The following requirements are:

Recommended indicators that are required for a production environment of the state register with attendance of at least 30,000 people per day:

1. Database (PostgreSQL):
A separate database server with a powerful processor.
Storage on the database server should be sized to accommodate current data volume and anticipated growth.
Database tuning for optimal performance, including indexing, query caching, and data backup.

2. Web server (Nginx, php-fpm):
A dedicated web server.
The size of the storage on the web server should correspond to the amount of web content and logs.
Tuning Nginx and php-fpm for optimal performance, setting resource limits, and being able to scale as needed.
3. Trembita server (state service for interaction with registers):

A separate Trembita server.
Sufficient resources to process requests and perform the functions of the Trembita service.
The size of the storage on the Trembita server must correspond to the expected data that will be processed by the service.

The Result

Technical outreach:

– Deployed and configured appropriate infrastructure based on the VPC and EC2 VM Servers
– Appropriate RDS Provisioned
– Dart Application deployed
– DNS Domain configured
– VM, Proxy, UXP Service Deployed in Ukraine Datacenter
– Site-2-Site VPN configured
– Trembita service configured
– Dart service reconfigured for new infrastructure

Business outreach:

The Register of Categorization was run on the AWS infrastructure. It gives a cost-effective, stable, and high-load availability basement for the government portal.

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