eBrain Case

eBrain's Success Story:

Building an innovative e-commerce platform from scratch

The Client

eBrain is an e-commerce platform launched by BBH Stockholm, the leading growth acceleration consultancy firm in Sweden. The idea of eBrain originated from the company’s collaboration with Panini Internazionale, a food service company for which BBH Stockholm had developed an e-commerce app. The original application for Panini had a central data intelligence system that, paired with a smart suite of services, allowed a seamless journey for clients and employees.

This solution delivered great results for Panini Internazionale and allowed them to build a human-centered approach to serving clients online. To bring these improvements to a wider audience, BBH Stockholm decided to launch the e-commerce platform eBrain. This Platform-as-a-Service solution would allow any store or merchandiser to make its own branded application and use data-driven marketing, data intelligence systems, and other innovative features.

The Challenge

To achieve these ambitious goals, BBH Stockholm partnered with Triangu to make the PaaS solution for building e-commerce apps with the above-mentioned data intelligence and customization features. The first priority was making the platform robust enough to serve a large number of users and be easily scalable. BBH Stockholm also wanted to safeguard their intellectual rights on these specially developed features and ensure that the codebase of the platform data management systems could not be co-opted by competitors.

The Results

Triangu developed the microservices architecture of the platform from scratch and met all development requirements in terms of desired functionalities and integration with external systems. The resulting cloud infrastructure, built on Amazon ECS, is easily scalable – the number of instances can increase or decrease along with changes in traffic or userbase.

The central data intelligence management remains hidden from platform users and sensitive information is stored in a Vault by HashiCorp.

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