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Maria DB Cluster

The customer is an international company and the largest Ukrainian telecommunications operator, serving millions of mobile subscribers and home Internet subscribers. It provides services using a wide range of mobile and fixed technologies, including 4G, mobile financial services, Big Data, Cloud solutions, cyber protection services, digital TV, and industrial IoT.

Alpha Serve Case

Alpha Serve is Atlassian Gold Marketplace Partner with 20+ apps in its portfolio. Their apps are used by thousands of users from big enterprises on a daily basis. Some of their Cloud apps – Power BI Connector for Jira & Tableau Connector for Jira & BigQuery Connector for Jira are targeted to work with significant Jira data amounts for export to external BI software. When the number of users started to essentially grow daily, server load was growing accordingly. So, the vendor started to think about solving the horizontal scaling problem and decided to choose AWS.

Prozorro Case

Prozorro.Sale is a digital auction system that helps generate state revenue through open and fair bidding. Prozorro.Sale was created through cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Transparency International Ukraine, the State Deposit Guarantee Fund, the National Bank of Ukraine, and Ukrainian electronic platforms. Prozorro.Sale system is obligatory at the legislative level for state, municipal asset realization in Ukraine.

Tabulate Case

Tabulate Inc. provides bookkeeping and payroll software for hospitality companies such as cafes, restaurants, food trucks, and bars. This all-in-one solution allows businesses to keep track of their daily transactions, generate real-time financial reports, and make smarter decisions through built-in data analytics tools. Tabulate was founded in 2014 to help independently owned bars and restaurants track their financial data through dedicated software and outsource teams of bookkeeping experts. Today, they provide services to leading hospitality businesses, generating over $150 million in annual sales.

Netpulse Case

Netpulse is the #1 provider of custom-branded mobile apps for fitness and wellness companies. Their solutions engage members, drive revenue, and integrate deeply with the clients’ most valuable technology solutions. Recently they have been acquired by EGYM — a global intelligent workout technology leader.

eBrain Case

eBrain is an e-commerce platform launched by BBH Stockholm, the leading growth acceleration consultancy firm in Sweden. The idea of eBrain originated from the company’s collaboration with Panini Internazionale, a food service company for which BBH Stockholm had developed an e-commerce app. The original application for Panini had a central data intelligence system that, paired with a smart suite of services, allowed a seamless journey for clients and employees.


The State Agency for Tourism Development of Ukraine (SATD) is the central body of the executive power that implements the state policy in the field of tourism and resorts of Ukraine.

Our latest projects


Atlassian stack integration for process management

“Due to Triangu’s professionalism the project was implemented in the very short terms. They recommended the optimum way to build workflows and conducted training to our team, what ensured smooth system adoption.”

Y. H. Snihirov,
Director of UNIT.Service

Initial situation

UNIT.Service is a part of UNIT.City that ensures residents comfort and well-being. With the growth of the community it faced increasing number of requests of different types. Manual processing became more and more, complicated and uncontrollable.

Business needs
  • Convenient and simple way of sending request for the residents
  • Quick and timely requests processing
  • Minimization of requests on repetitive issues
  • Requests analytics
  • Jira Service Management (formerly known as Jira Service Desk) implementation for requests processing
  • Jira Core – for control and tracking
  • Workflows tuning according to the internal business procedures
  • Documents workflow and knowledge base creation by integrating Confluence
  • All requests are processed and tracked within singe system
  • Multi-tiered support structure implemented
  • Requests flow visibility and timely processing
  • SLA implemented
Tech Stack

Jira Service Desk

Jira Core



Jira Service Management (formerly known as Jira Service Desk) implementation

“Thanks to Triangu’s expertise we managed to create perfect infrastructure that supports efficient business flows the way that we deliver our final product to the Client on time and with required quality.”

Alexandra Suslich,
Director at ControlPay

Initial situation

ControlPay faced challenges in combining ticketing system and Jira Service Management (formerly known as Jira Service Desk). There was a need to find perfect combination that could lead to process flows optimization, information consistency and logical team coordination per business process.

Business needs
  • Gain customized and properly functioning ticketing system with integrated Jira Service Management (formerly known as Jira Service Desk)
  • Optimization of business processes for better orientation on Client need
  • Jira migration and upgrade
  • Jira Service Management (formerly known as Jira Service Desk) customization according to the established processes
  • Redesign of workflows
  • Workflows automation with additional Jira plugins
  • Disposal of manual tickets distribution
  • Improved and re-established business processes
  • Requests flow visibility and quick processing
  • Routine task automation minimized time for ticket processing

AWS cloud infrastructure built from scratch

“We managed to solve our major pain points due to Triangu’s involvement: CI/CD automation and microservices architecture implementation.”

Volodymyr Bryskin,
CEO at CourseYard

Initial situation

CourseYard was working on application development and came to us with the need for DevOps process and microservices architecture implementation from scratch. They required placing the application in the cloud to ensure stability, scalability and security.

Business needs
  • Ensure quality and speed up application releases
  • Provide system stability and failover for the application
  • Infrastructure cost optimization
  • CI\CD implementation
  • Infrastructure as a code
  • Distributed multi-cloud solution
  • The infrastructure provided required deployment frequency
  • Development processes, supported by CI/CD toolchain, lead to efficient and stable delivery of functionality to end-users
  • The solution is ready for scaling and deployment in different locations
Tech Stack


Barracuda NLB






Mobile financial solution integration

“I would like to thank Triangu for the excellent work that has been proven by 3+ years of the mutually beneficial collaboration! We would like to admit Triangu’s deep understanding of telecom industry and high-level technical expertise applying DevOps practice.”

Nicolas Jallad,
Head of Delivery, Mobile Operators BU at Idemia

Initial situation

Idemia got a contract with TOP-5 MNO group and needed a fast Mobile Financial Services product launch within different Telco providers. It required a specific set of skills to integrate with existing BSS/OSS infrastructure and deep business domain expertise to support end customers with Product customization to align with local regulations.

Business needs
  • Fast project delivery to meet time-to-market product launch
  • Customization of core product according to end-Customers requirements
  • Multiple integration points required team of specific resources with domain expertise able to work at Customer’s premises
  • Set up a strong local team using past domain expertise
  • Adapted generic IT infrastructure design to meet Customer platform requirements
  • Infrastructure deployment & Solution rollout incl setup, E2E QA validation and handover to support
  • Prod Rack on site deployment and Disaster Recovery SetUp
  • Fast team onboarding to support initial requirements shaping
  • Covered full-cycle of project management ensuring productive relationship with end customers
  • A complex project has been delivered through all the phases in a cost efficient way and successfully transferred to the support team
Tech Stack


Jenkins CI







Migration to Jira ITSM for Ukrainian Manufacturer

“Due to Triangu’s expertise, we managed to solve informational discrepancy and internal processes interruptions. SLAs and ITIL standards improved work efficiency.”

Nicolas Jallad,
Head of Delivery, Mobile Operators BU at Idemia

Initial situation

Astarta-Kyiv was growing dynamically and current ticketing system stopped fulfilling requirements of quick and timely requests processing. Independent knowledge bases caused informational discrepancy and internal processes interruptions.

Business needs
  • Control of tasks fulfillment timings and quality (SLA)
  • Standardizing company processes according to ITIL
  • Streamline support response
  • Create self-service culture with easy access to knowledge
  • Jira family implementation and configuration
  • Workflows tuning according to ITIL
  • Processes automatization with Automation for Jira
  • Multi-tiered support structure implemented
  • Adopted workflows per ITIL standards
  • Requests flow visibility and timely processing
  • Routine task automation minimized time for ticket processing
Tech Stack

Jira Core

Jira Software

Jira Service Management


Automation for Jira


Optimization of CI processes and introduction of DR solution

“Due to Triangu’s expertise and excellent execution on different projects, we have managed to get our main goal — significantly improve application delivery process.”

Alex Lazarchuk,
Head of Engineering at REMIT

Initial situation

During projects execution Remit team required high standards for solution delivery. They started partnership with Triangu as a DevOps professionals for optimizing existing and building new delivery processes in AWS cloud to achieve stability and scalability.

Business needs
  • Automated CI / CD processes
  • System availability during upgrade process
  • Overall delivery process optimization and monitoring
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • CI / CD pipelines implementation
  • Infrastructure monitoring implementation
  • CD delivery optimization using Triangu Best Practices experience
  • CD delivery optimization using Triangu Best Practices experience
  • Infrastructure and delivery pipeline monitoring improved development process visibility
Tech Stack







Jenkins CI




Big Data Lab program

“Our team has been impressed by fast project onboarding and infrastructure delivery from Triangu side. We appreciate their passion supporting our teams during Big Data Lab project.”

ladimir Rybalko, Head of CRM and Digital communications at Vodafone

Initial situation

Via our partners we’ve got a request from Vodafone to support Big Data Lab program with cloud infrastructure and consulting services. The main challenge was to rapidly kickoff the project. Timing was very tough and the program required trainings for the participants and their support 24/7 during the weekend.

Business needs
  • Fast ramp up with infrastructure for 30+ data science teams
  • DevOps support and training during hackathon and acceleration program
  • Software architecture consultancy for AI/ML/Data mining solutions
  • Public training session on AWS usage for participants
  • Hackathon event non-stop support for 36 hours
  • Teams consulting on further product development and secured data management during acceleration program
  • Conducted training session for 300+ participants
  • Stable infrastructure for 37 teams during hackathon
  • 15 teams on acceleration program supported
  • Assistant to one of the finalists in launching the product
Tech Stack

Amazon EC2





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