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DevOps Consulting Services

Need to setup or optimize your CI/CD fast and tired looking for a swiss-knife engineer?

Try our DevOps-as-a-Service for the quick ramp-up with a dynamic team focused on your needs. We assess your current DevOps maturity, make adjustments and set up its automation with proven set of tools for the delivery pipeline. When initial things are done we will keep your release and deployment process under our support or can provide a training for your own personnel.

How we can help you
We help both large enterprises and startups to achieve better software quality and improve time to market with our DevOps consulting services. Development and operation functions aligned and equipped with automation help to identify and prevent emerging issues and keep the code ready for release throughout the development. We specialize in, but not limited to the following services:
  • CI/CD setup
  • One-click deployments and rollback
  • Automation
  • Test coverage control
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Centralized log management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Performance optimization
  • Audits of DevOps process
Services we offer
Our DevOps consulting services are covering all levels from cloud adoption and toolchain pipelines design to automation and monitoring.
  • DevOps Audit

    We conduct an audit of existing infrastructure and development pipelines. As a result, we identify the most relevant technical stack to improve your DevOps practices.
  • DevOps Automation

    As soon as workflows are confirmed we set up and automate continuous delivery pipeline. This improves code quality and speed of releases.
  • DevOps Management

    We offer DevOps managed services after integration completion. These may include monitoring, workloads management, new instances creation, release management, and performance optimization on a regular basis.
How we work
Designing DevOps process, we are following the next principles:
  • CI/CD is a must
  • Infrastructure- as-a-code
  • Maximize QA automation
  • Visibility of the development process
  • Use microservices
  • Avoid monolith
  • Customized deployment scenarios
  • Development processes replication in tools
Technical stack
  • Jenkins
  • Git
  • Docker
  • ts4 (1).pngAnsible
  • og-image-8b3e4f7d 1.pngTerraform
  • ts6 (3).pngJira Service Management
  • ts5 (1).pngAWS CodeDeploy
  • ts7 (1).pngJira Software
  • ts8 (1).pngBamboo
  • ts9 (1).pngBitbucket
  • ts10 (1).pngConfluence
  • ts12 (1).pngTempo
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