HashiCorp becomes a new partner of Triangu

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing, the demand for secure, reliable, and efficient solutions has never been higher. DevOps teams and organizations worldwide grapple with the challenge of managing complex cloud infrastructure while striving to enhance agility and reduce operational overhead. We are proud to announce the partnership between Triangu and HashiCorp.

Triangu, a team of DevOps and cloud experts, has always been committed to delivering unparalleled secure, and reliable cloud computing solutions to our valued customers. Our mission is to empower businesses to harness the full potential of cloud technology while mitigating risks and streamlining operations.

HashiCorp provides infrastructure automation software for multi-cloud environments, enabling enterprises to unlock a common cloud operating model to provision, secure, connect, and run any application on any infrastructure. HashiCorp tools allow organizations to deliver applications faster by helping enterprises transition from manual processes and ITIL practices to self-service automation and DevOps practices,a capability that aligns perfectly with our goals at Triangu.

The integration between Triangu and HashiCorp brings together our expertise in DevOps, cloud management, and managed services with HashiCorp’s cutting-edge tools and platforms. Here’s a technical breakdown of how this partnership will benefit our customers:

Seamless Infrastructure Provisioning

With HashiCorp’s Terraform, we can automate infrastructure provisioning across any cloud provider, making it easier and faster to create, modify, and scale cloud resources. This level of automation minimizes human errors and ensures consistent infrastructure deployment.

Robust Security and Secrets Management

HashiCorp Vault is a leading solution for secrets management and data protection. By incorporating Vault into our offerings, we enhance the security of sensitive data, credentials, and access controls for our customers.

Service Discovery and Mesh Networking

HashiCorp Consul provides service discovery and a service mesh that simplifies microservices networking. Triangu will leverage Consul to improve application reliability, scalability, and observability for our customers.

Application Deployment Automation

HashiCorp Waypoint is an application deployment tool that aims to deliver a PaaS-like experience for Kubernetes, ECS, and other platforms. Developers can deploy, manage, and observe their applications with real-time status updates and monitoring through a consistent abstraction of the underlying infrastructure. Triangu customers will enjoy increased agility and reduced time-to-market for their software projects.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Best Practices

Our joint efforts will promote best practices in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using HashiCorp Terraform. This ensures that infrastructure changes are version-controlled, tested, and auditable.

Managed Services Excellence

Triangu’s expertise in managed services will complement the HashiCorp Cloud Platform, ensuring our customers receive top-notch support and management for HashiCorp products, allowing customers to focus on their core business objectives.

The partnership between Triangu and HashiCorp will empower organizations to embrace the cloud with confidence, knowing that our shared customers have the best-in-class tools and expert support at their disposal. As we move forward, our joint mission remains clear: to deliver secure, reliable, and efficient cloud solutions that drive business success.

To learn more about this exciting partnership and how we can benefit your organization, visit Triangu and HashiCorp.

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