DevOps services

Building your road to success

Need to setup or optimize your CI/CD fast and tired looking for swiss-knife Engineer?
Try our DevOps-as-a-Service for the quick ramp-up, dynamic Team focused on your needs. When initial things are done we can provide a training for your own personnel or keep your Release & Deployment process under our support.

Why customers choose Triangu DevOps services?

  • Fast onboarding
  • Full set of tech knowledge
  • Flexible business model

Our paradigm

  • CI/CD is a must
  • Infrastructure-as-a-code
  • Maximize QA automation
  • Avoid monolith
  • Use microservices
  • Development processes
    replication in tools
  • Test coverage control
    & monitoring
  • Customized deployment

Technical stack

  • # Jenkins
  • # Git
  • # Docker
  • # Ansible
  • # AWS CodeDeploy
  • # Jira Service Desk
  • # Jira Software
  • # Bamboo
  • # Bitbucket
  • # Confluence


# Stability
Stability of the engaged systems and overall project efficiency
# Efficiency
Recommendations and solutions within any
level of complexity
# Expertise
Extensive knowledge and professional foresight to empower your business

Engineering with perfection