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Mobile financial solution integration for MNO business

Initial situation

Idemia got a contract with TOP-5 MNO group and needed a fast Mobile Financial Services product launch within different Telco providers. It required a specific set of skills to integrate with existing BSS/OSS infrastructure and deep business domain expertise to support end customers with Product customization to align with local regulations.

Business needs

  • Fast project delivery to meet time-to-market product launch
  • Customization of core product according to end-Customers requirements
  • Multiple integration points required team of specific resources with domain expertise able to work at Customer’s premises


  • Set up a strong local team using past domain expertise
  • Adapted generic IT infrastructure design to meet Customer platform requirements
  • Infrastructure deployment & Solution rollout incl setup, E2E QA validation and handover to support
  • Prod Rack on site deployment and Disaster Recovery SetUp
  • Covered full cycle of Project Management ensuring productive Relationship with end-customers

“As a Program Director, I would like to thank our partner Triangu for the excellent work that has been proven by 3+ years of the mutually beneficial collaboration! Due to the great work of the infrastructure team we were able to ensure fast product launch and local adaptation that our customers expected. We would like to admit Triangu’s deep understanding of telecom industry and high-level technical expertise applying DevOps practice. We recommend Triangu as a reliable service provider and look forward to our further cooperation.”

— Nicolas Jallad, Head of Delivery, Mobile Operators BU at Idemia


Migration from existing monolith system to microservices-based architecture

Initial situation

Tabulate team has finished major release and was looking for guidance on putting the application in the cloud to achieve stability, scalability and security. This required re-architecture of the Application by eliminating monolith system and moving to microservice architecture. As a result of those changes development process should also be optimized.

Business needs

  • Ensure system stability and failover for the application
  • Enable disaster recovery plan
  • Minimize errors and speed up application releases
  • QA automation


  • Migration from existing monolith system to microservices
  • CI\CD implementation
  • Introduction of infrastructure as a code
  • Migration to AWS Virtual Private Cloud with VPN access
  • Implementation of continuous monitoring


  • New infrastructure boosted the ability to deploy releases from once per day to few times per hour
  • Improved development processes (supported by CI/CD toolchain) lead to efficient and stable delivery of functionality to end-users

Tools & Technologies

“Due to Triangu’s expertise and excellent execution, we managed to solve our major pain points - significantly improve application performance and reliability while implementing new features at high pace.”

— Albert Blanchard, CEO at Tabulate


Optimization of CI processes and introduction of DR solution

Initial situation

During projects execution Remit team required high standards for solution delivery. They started partnership with Triangu as a DevOps professionals for optimizing existing and building new delivery processes in AWS cloud to achieve stability and scalability.

Business needs

  • Automated CI / CD processes
  • System availability during upgrade process
  • Overall delivery process optimization and monitoring
  • Infrastructure monitoring


  • CI / CD pipelines implementation
  • Infrastructure monitoring implementation
  • CD delivery optimization using Triangu Best Practices experience


  • Optimized delivery process increased the overall system stability and provided 100% solution availability during upgrade procedure
  • Infrastructure and delivery pipeline monitoring improved development process visibility

“Due to Triangu’s expertise and excellent execution on different projects, we have managed to get our main goal — significantly improve application delivery process.”

— Alex Lazarchuk, Head of Engineering at REMIT

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