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Our latest projects

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Mobile financial solution integration for MNO business

  • Fast project delivery required to meet time-to-market product launch
  • Multiple integration points required a team of specific resources with domain expertise able to work at Customer’s premises
  • Need for a deep customization of core product according to local regulation and OSS/BSS specifications
Market & Industry
  • Eurasia
  • Telecommunication
What we did
  • Set up strong local team within a couple of weeks and built close and productive relationship with end Customer (MNOs)
  • Adapted generic IT infrastructure design to meet Customer platform requirements
  • Performed infrastructure deployment & Solution rollout including setup, E2E QA validation and handover to support
  • …and covered full cycle of Project Management

Migration from existing monolith system to microservices-based architecture

  • Unpredictable and error-prone behavior of the application after releases
  • Application grew into too complex to fully understand and made changes fast and correctly
  • Scaling demanded over provisioning of server capacity
Market & Industry
  • United States
  • Bookkeeping Software
What we did
  • Introduced a concept of microservices & infrastructure as a code
  • Improved development processes by introducing Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery principles
  • Boosted the ability to deploy new releases from once per day/week to a couple of releases per hour
  • Developed set of end-to-end tests launched upon every release to ensure new functionality does not brake already existing features
Tools & Technologies

Optimization of CI processes and introduction of DR solution

  • Release process was quite manual and error-prone
  • Different parts of application were not ready for working in multi-master/replicated facility
  • Disaster Recovery (hot standby) environment should be setup to prevent data-loss
Market & Industry
  • United States
  • Software for medical facilities
What we did
  • Introduced Continuous Delivery process – the ability to get changes – feature, bugfix, configuration changes, experiment into production safely and quickly in an efficient and sustainable way.
  • Improved feedback cycle between Dec and QA/Ops teams during release process
  • Amended practice of manual codebase integration whenever a change is made
  • Boosted feature release process - software is proven to work with every new change

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