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into products

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Blockchain Experience

Triangu has a wide hands-on experience in the blockchain - serving clients from initial/idea phase throughout the process of implementation and transitioning into maintainance mode. Our deep expertise in the industry combined with bespoke approach aims to maximize your business performance while saving your time and money. We got an insight into every aspects including Permissioned Blockchains, Smart Contracts, Oracles and Security

Services we offer


Infrastructure Rollout and Orchestration


Wallets and FE APIs


Smart contract and Chaincode Development


BE APIs and Integration with 3-rd party systems

How we can help you

Considering your business goals we would help you to define, develop and launch blockchain-based service or product

# Do you have
an idea?
We can help you to choose an appropriate approach and technology
# Have you already
got a prototype?
We can guide you through the process of adapting blockchain to your business or develop a turnkey blockchain solution for you
# Do you need
help with an
existing product?
We can provide you with consultancy, troubleshooting and implementation support








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